donor stewardship

Databases significantly improve your nonprofit organization’s efficiency and allow you to concentrate on fulfilling your mission, without getting mired in mismanaged details.

Whether your organization is undertaking a capital campaign for a new building, an endowment campaign, or an annual appeal, your office can quickly become inundated with names, addresses, telephone numbers, correspondence, and financial figures.

A database acts as a central receptacle for all the information, allowing you to efficiently conduct these critical tasks:

  • Solicitation coordination
  • Pledge & payment recognition
  • Donor acknowledgment & stewardship
  • Volunteer organization
  • Strategic fiscal planning

Gary Friedmann & Associates has highly-trained database personnel who can manage your important data for you during your campaign, and then train your staff to use the system for annual appeals and future fundraising efforts.

You’ll keep track of your donors, and be able to retrieve each donor’s giving history, make sure you acknowledge every gift, and send out reminders for pledge payments.

In addition, we can customize the database to your needs, import your existing computer records, provide your staff with on-site instruction, supply written materials to support post-training operation and offer post-training technical support