feasibility studies

Before you embark on any major fundraising initiative, you should conduct a feasibility study to find out how much money you can raise – and where you’re going to get it. A good feasibility study is a sound investment which will save you money in the long run and provide a roadmap for a successful fundraising campaign.

A feasibility study by Gary Friedmann & Associates will help you:

  • Determine whether your goals are realistic & achievable
  • Calculate the best timing for your campaign
  • Assess your organization’s image in the community
  • Identify potential volunteers and campaign leaders
  • Cultivate and educate key donors
  • Assess donor capacity and inclination to contribute
  • Develop a fundraising plan

In about three months, we’ll work with you to compile a list of prospective interviewees, develop a preliminary case statement and survey questionnaire, schedule and conduct 30 – 45 in-depth interviews. We will compile and analyze the data and prepare a confidential report including a statistical summary of interviews, comments and questions, and our recommendations on the advisability of launching a capital campaign, including specific suggestions for a campaign plan, strategies, organization, marketing, prospect research, leadership, staffing, expenses, and timing.