volunteer training

Volunteers are a crucial part of any nonprofit success. We’ll help you find and keep a strong force of enthusiastic volunteers by tailoring specific tasks to each individual, encouraging them and organizing productive, efficient meetings. Sometimes it can seem as if managing volunteers is more work than simply doing it yourself – but most of our clients agree that the zeal of good volunteers, and the good will they generate, is hard to beat.

Gary Friedmann & Associates can help you find ways to keep your volunteer base engaged, encouraged, and growing – so that you don’t wear out your best people or get bogged down with meetings and babble.

We’ll train campaign volunteers in the art of asking for money, help organize events and invite short-term assistance from volunteers who want to be involved on a per-project basis but can’t commit to long-term toil.

A strong volunteer base will not only help you get through the many tasks involved in running and sustaining a strong nonprofit organization or fundraising effort, but is your link to the community; one that will increase support and widen your circle of friends to help you face whatever challenges await you.